Frequently Asked Questions

Is the short url case sensitive?

Yes, the short url generated by our website is of case sensitive nature. For example: this generated short url will redirect to its assigned original site and this url will open different website.

Does the URL have an expiry date?

No, the short urls does not have any expiry date. Once created, it will stay forever in our system.

Can we create customizable short urls?

Yes, you can create custom short urls of your liking.

How the redirection is made?

We use 301 redirect method to redirect urls because When user tries to access the short url, the browser will instantly redirect to the original page (long url). We use the "301 redirect" code, that is better than "302 redirect" for url shorteners. 301 means that the redirection is permanent and it passes link juice (for search engine better ranking).

How to report suspicious or malicious url?

To report a short url that you believe is malicious, simply go to our abuse page and send us an email. Don't forget to mention the short url in your message.

How to remove DMCA urls?

To submit DMCA link removal request please contact us via our abuse page. We will manually check your request and remove the url from our system.

Is there any limit or restriction over short url creation?

No, you can create unlimited short urls at anytime from any country. There is no restriction whatsoever.

Do you have any developer api or browser tools?

Yes, we offer our REST based api for developers with no limit and restriction and a browser bookmarklet which can be found here